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tight shipAt Ezuce we run a tight ship.When it comes to software development, quality and support practices we continually strive to do better. Our team is proactive and continuously working to improve our solutions and our service to customers. We also pride ourselves on transparency and work hard to keep partners and customers informed of what’s going on at eZuce. Now let’s take that a notch up by sharing with you the 2016 annual statistics of our software updates inclusive of new features, enhancements and bug fixes, as well as support ticket statistics.

Starting with the latter, we might as well take you all the way to the beginning of our journey. While our installed base kept increasing in terms of total number of unique customers and cumulative seats deployed, the support ticket inflow made a decisive turn down beginning with mid-2014. At that time, we had shifted our focus and attention to assure much higher quality and stability of our software.

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In 2016, we saw Uniteme and Reachme customers opening around 1,000 tickets which was 13% lower than the prior year and 50% lower than the peak in 2014. These tickets resulted in around 60 bugs identified in these two products combined. We saw a record low number of only four severity-1 tickets in the year.

The number of tickets per customer varied from just a handful to 10-20 in the year. Regardless, all customers benefited from the collective betterment of our software.

We issued five major releases for Uniteme and Reachme within 2016 that delivered 109 new features and enhancements, and 105 bug fixes.

Our customers run our software with hundreds of permutations of unique network, feature and user configurations. With continuous change in their increasingly complex IP networking environment and variety of applications, some get ahead of the others and come across unforeseen issues or realize the need for new features. Continuous subscription to our software support services will ensure all benefit from our ever-increasing feature functionality and strict assurance to product quality.

Written by Osman Duman

Osman Duman

Osman Duman joined eZuce as Chief Product and Operating Officer in 2014 after serving four years on its board of directors. At eZuce, Duman oversees all aspects of product innovations, business enablemenet, customer satisfaction and investor relations. Duman was with Karel Electronics from 2009 through 2014 as executive vice president & CMO responsible for Karel’s telecommunications business worldwide. Duman also served for six years as Ulticom’s senior vice president and CMO, where he led sales and marketing, earning the company the #1 spot in worldwide telecommunications signaling market. Previously, he was an area vice president and general manager at Lucent Technologies, responsible for softswitch based VoIP solutions. His earlier career history included executive positions in two successful U.S. telecom startups, MassMedia Communications and NewNet, as well as lead engineering positions at Motorola, GTE and ITT Telecom. Duman earned BSEE and MSCS degrees from M.E.T.U. in Ankara, and completed Executive MBA program at M.I.T. Sloan School in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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