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Do you have the tools you need to identify, monitor and analyze calls in your contact center?

In every contact center environment, there are bound to be customer complaints.  Sometimes these are about a product, service or business process concern but sometimes they are about our contact center staff themselves.

A customer calls in with a complaint:

Service Rep: “Hello, you've reached Jerry with support.  I see that you're not calling about a specific open ticket.  How may I help you?

Customer: “I called in just a few minutes ago and talked to someone that was very rude.  I don't really need anything right now but I felt like I should let you know.”

Service Rep: “I'm so sorry to hear that sir.  Would you like me to transfer you to a supervisor to discuss the issue or I can just report it for you?”

Customer: “Yes, please just report it for me.”

Service Rep: “OK.  Can you tell me who the service representative was who was rude?”

Customer: “No.  They didn't give me their name but I called from 231-555-1111 at around 10am.

Service Rep: “OK sir.  Again, my apologies for this.  I will report this immediately to ensure that the issue is addressed by my supervisor.  Is there anything else that I can do for you right now?”

Customer: “No.  That's it.”

Service Rep: “OK.  Thank you for calling support sir.  Have a good day.”

Customer/Rep: “Goodbye”

Service Rep follows up with an email to the supervisor stating that there was a caller that complained about a service rep that they had just spoken to prior to them.

What's Required?

Well, now there is investigation and follow up to do.  You need a way to …

  • locate the call record
  • figure out what service rep took the initial call
  • review the call
  • decide on corrective action or training follow up

These 3 tools are imperative and will get you the information you need to identify callers, monitor and evaluate conversations and then determine what action needs to be taken:

  1. Reporting Data

You need reports to locate the call in the call history.  These reports need to identify what service rep(s) were involved in the call. Then you can retrieve call details that include the caller ID information, date/time of the call and which service rep(s) were on the call.  This gets us to a starting point. You now know what service rep the caller was making a complaint about.

  1. Call Recording

Once the service representative(s) has been identified, you need to listen to the exact conversation to avoid a “he said, she said” situation. You need empirical data to substantiate the customer’s complaint.  Before you take any next steps, you need to “hear” the call to determine if the complaint is legitimate.

This is where call recording comes in. With this feature, you can easily pull the recorded call and listen to what the customer and service rep discussed, what was said, what the general tone of the conversation was, etc.  Now you can make some determination of what to do.

Once you have listened to the call he follow-up is either taking a corrective action or offering the service rep a training opportunity.  You may even choose to enter the service rep into a review process so you can review call recordings from other calls.

  1. Quality Monitoring

Wouldn’t it be great if you could eliminate a problem before it happens?  Of course, we'd all like to have a call center that has zero customer complaints about our service reps. Although this is likely unrealistic, what you CAN do is actively manage the customer reps to ensure that they fully understand and follow customer interaction guidelines.

Quality monitoring can be wildly different from call center to call center and business to business.  However, the intent is the same.  You want to gain insight into your service reps interactions with customers BEFORE you get a customer complaint.

Quality monitor calls by:

  • listening to recorded calls
  • monitoring live calls

Both options provide you with the opportunity to understand where the service rep might need some additional training or guidance.  This means you can start to correct the little things prior to the little things turning into the dreaded “customer complaint”.

The Reachme Contact Center Solution

Reachme addresses all the needs identified in this simple example and does it in a way that is manageable. We recognize the need for the contact center personnel to be able to do this without engineering support or substantial technical savvy.  We deliver the contact center solutions you need to keep your customer service reps on track, and to enable better quality service to your customers.

These Reachme Features will give you the reports and information need to better manage, monitor and train your customer service reps:

  • Call Detail Records (CDR) are stored and maintained in a database (DB) and access to running reports off that DB is as easy as logging into a “portal” via a browser. Login, click on the Reports tab, select the date/time range that you need the report run for and click run.    The report content is provided for your review and can be further manipulated as desired.  Further filtering and ordering of the report output is all point and click.  You can even export the report to a file including PDF, Word, CSV, etc.


  • Call Recording is accomplished via setting up the recording options on the specific customers calls (e.g. by incoming line number, queue, client name, etc). Calls can be recorded and kept locally and later archived out to long term storage.  All recordings have associated meta data so that contact center management can “find” calls based on a myriad of filters including:
    • unique call ID
    • date/time
    • queue
    • incoming line
    • client/customer name
    • caller ID
    • agent ID
    • skills (for skills based routing)

Access to the recordings is provided directly to contact center personnel via the same browser based portal that reports are run from.   You can filter and locate any recording in the system, play back the recording and even download the recording even if it has already been archived to a long-term storage location.

  • Real Time Monitor and Barge allows contact center personnel to listen in on live calls. This is a “silent monitor” meaning that the customer rep servicing the customer does not know that they are being monitored.  Additionally, the barge function allows for joining the call as part of a conference.  This functionality is available … you guessed it … via a browser based portal.  The same portal that provides contact center management with all of the other insight into their environment.

Reachme contact center software has all the features you need to ensure your customers receive the best customer experience.

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Written by Jerry Browne

Jerry Browne

Current solutions architect and Reachme product manager with eZuce. 25 years in the telephony and contact center space with significant design, technology planning, integration and market research background.

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