3 Steps to ensure the best audio and video quality in a Viewme Video Meeting

Don't be ill prepared, ensure best quality video meeting with Viewme

Viewme_icon.pngBusinesses rely on Viewme (formerly SeeVogh) video conferencing solution to enable real time communication and video meeting with their colleagues, partners, and customers. There’s nothing more embarrassing than being ill prepared at the start of a business meeting and this rings true for virtual meetings as well. Testing both audio and video before the start of a video meeting is highly recommended to make sure all participants can hear you and see you. Viewme makes this easy, just download the client, check the video driver on your device, and make sure you have an open port, then test the quality in “loopback” mode.

3 Tips to ensure best audio and video quality in your Viewme Video Meeting:(Viewme Hybrid Cloud users only)

  1. Your machine should have a video driver which supports OpenGL v1.5+. To check to see if your video driver supports OpenGL v1.5+, download the Viewme client and enter the test meeting room with ID # 2934773973. The test room is open 24/7. You will get a message immediately if there are any problems. (Although OpenGL v1.5 has been on the market since 2002, some thin clients might not have it.)
  2. You need an open port for the communications with the server. The Viewme client will check a chain of ports one by one, whichever port is found open will be used. The chain looks like this: 36015 UDP -> 36015 TCP -> 80 TCP -> 443 TCP -> 8080 TCP -> 8443 TCP. The client will check UDP port 36015 first, if it is closed it will try port 36015 TCP, etc... Please make sure that port 36015 UDP is open IN and OUT on your machine, and in your organization. UDP usually provides the best quality for the video and audio streams. TCP can do the job too, but in this case you might get inferior quality from time to time, so be prepared.
  3. Once the client has been downloaded and you have joined the meeting, go to Menu->Help->Test Sending Audio/Video (Loopback). As soon as you select it you will get notification that your audio and video have been unmuted. Click Ok and you will see two videos - one local and a second one from the server with title “LOOPBACK”. When you speak you will hear yourself. As shown in the image above you will have one extra icon at the top bar on the left, this indicates that Loopback mode is on. If you want to stop loopback mode and get back to normal mode, you just click on this extra icon (it has “Stop Loopback” under it, so you will not miss it) and everything will go back to normal mode. You will get notification that your audio and video are now muted.
  • Don’t be afraid to use it! When you are in loopback mode nobody from the meeting (if there are other participants) will be able to see or hear you. If you hearvideo meeting loopback
    yourself back saturated, please check the volume of the microphone you are using - you’re probably at 100% microphone volume. General recommendation here is to set volume at 70-80%. Viewme client has an internal echo cancelling algorithm, but it will only work properly if the microphone volume has some room for adjustment, and if you are at 100% you have no such room. In this case your audio might be bad and you could be the origin of the echo for other participants.
  • If you are on a mobile device, audio by default will go to the headset, not to the loudspeakers. Please make sure that you switched the audio when you do the test.


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Written by Vladimir Litvine

Vladimir Litvine

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