7 Ways an Awesome Team Collaboration Tool Can Help Your Sales Team

Happy Sales PeopleArming sales reps with the right tool can increase productivity and accelerate sales while saving time and money on reduced travel.  We’ve found that the ultimate team collaboration solution goes above and beyond video conferencing capabilities as it incorporates voice, video, chat and screen sharing into one easy to use streamlined application.

Sales teams rely on team collaboration software to visually connect and share information with existing and potential customers, colleagues, and managers. Ideally each sales rep has their own collaboration room, and the sales team has a shared team collaboration room as well. Here are 7 awesome ways communications and workplace collaboration tools can help your sales team:

  1. Build Better Customer Relationships: Give your sales force instant anytime access to a virtual meeting room to visually communicate with prospects and customers daily. As salespeople interact face to face with customers they build stronger relationships and establish trust quickly. Visual communication forges more lasting relationships with both potential and existing customers.
  2. Accelerate the Sales Cycle: Sales rep’s are more effective and meetings are more productive as they can share documents, videos and other valuable information organically on the fly with simultaneous screen share. Salespeople often use their rooms to connect customers with subject matter experts to answer questions and help close more deals.
  3. Slash travel costs: Restricted budgets leave less time and money to devote to travel. Sales reps connect with customers anytime, anywhere, on any device. In addition to saving time and money, the visual meeting experience gets our sales people in front of our prospects, customers, and partners more frequently which ultimately decreases the cost of the actual sale. Additionally, it enables global connectivity eliminating the need to confine our team to designated sales territories.
  4. Present Live Demo’s: Virtual meeting rooms are often used for highly interactive demonstrations of products and services. Simultaneous screen share, the ability to stream more engaging video’s, and live chat keeps customers more involved and focused.
  5. Provide Sales Training: The sales teams's  meeting room can also be used to get sales people up to speed on best practices, new product features, upcoming releases and other information they need to help close deals. Training sessions can even be recorded for future play back and watched on demand should someone need a refresh or was unable to attend the live training.
  6. Forecast Sales: In weekly sales meeting’s supervisors meet with their sales team to go through accounts. They screen share their SalesForce forecasting reports and provide updates so that managers, sales people, and solution architects get the full picture of where each account is in the sales process.
  7. Collaborate Across Multiple Departments: Salespeople can use their virtual meeting room to collaborate internally within the organization. The collaboration workspace is used to interact with colleagues and supervisors, sales rep’s often meet with other teams as well such as Marketing Associates, Solutions Architects, Support and Development Teams to make sure everyone is aligned to deliver the best product and deliver the best results to their customers.

The impact of visual collaboration has transformed how we conduct business, increased productivity and lower costs.  Are you ready to help your sales team?

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Written by Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan is a member of the eZuce business development team responsible for enterprise account development and growth. He frequently interacts with business partners, customers and internal team members utilizing the latest in visual collaboration technology available from eZuce.

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