Need to have a whisper conversation in your next video conference?

Apart_in_videoconference.pngAparté is a French word meaning “side conversation”. eZuce’s Viewme video collaboration solution enables participants to break out into a side conversation with a specific individual.

Have you ever been in a meeting and wanted to have a simple, quick conversation with someone else in the meeting without disrupting the flow of the conversation taking place?  Sure you have, in the physical world you lean closer to that person, perhaps cup your hand and whisper your message in that person’s ear. With Viewme you can have a whisper conversation in your virtual meeting room with the click of a button.

Simply select the person you wish to speak to from the participant’s list by clicking on their name.  This displays a drop-down menu and if you select Aparté from the list you will instantly send a request to that individual to join you in a private side conversation.  If they agree you will both be able to communicate to each other without anyone else in the meeting hearing what you say.  They can still see your video and anything you share from your desktop, but they will not be able to hear your words, giving you the privacy to speak freely.


It is possible to have multiple Aparté sessions simultaneously in a meeting but users can only be in one Aparté session at a time.  The names of the two people speaking will have their names highlighted in the same color which signifies they are together in an Aparté session.  Multiple simultaneous Apartés will have a different color highlight for each pair. Additionally, in our upcoming release of the software when in Aparté new deskshare sessions can be shared between Aparté participants only. When you end the Aparté both participants will be returned to the rest of the meeting with their microphones muted.

The Aparté feature enables participants to have a quick private conversation and then hop back into their larger virtual meeting. This is great for clarifying information, asking questions, and making comments, and for the company clown it’s a great tool for making jokes that you don’t want to share with the larger meeting group.

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