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Successful companies arrive at and act quickly on business insight. This brings them time to market advantage and helps achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.

Let’s make no mistake: Data is a good thing. Big Data even better. As long as it is “gathered purposefully”. This is where a good company mission and vision can really help.

Interpretation of data in a well-defined context brings us to Information. Generalization and analysis of Information within the framework of a concept, a principle or a relationship then produces Knowledge.

When Information is “analyzed predictively”, we can forecast and predict what may happen in the future. This knowledge can then help determine future market behavior. And that knowledge base should be “expanded discriminately” in order to stay on course with the company vision and maintain focus.Insight_Out_Ladder.png

Next the inevitable happens: Insight. Insight is the learnings from observing knowledge against facts and occurrences. It is the new currency for Business Process Integration (BPI). Insight usually results in an actionable opinion. Don’t we all love that? To be opinionated?

Insight is the ultimate advantage for time to market. Therefore, it needs to be “leveraged timely”.

Crossing the recent frontier of integration with big data analytics, BPI’s role in helping businesses compete has increased by an order of magnitude. When the right heuristics are captured, big data analytics will produce timely alerts and events. And with that, stakes get higher as alerts and events often demand expert decision making and timely action.

Corporations that invest to digitize the workplace to gain the right insight must be equally considerate of turning their business insight into swift and accurate decisions and action. This requires “collaboration-enabling” their talent. More on this in a future blog. Stay tuned!

Written by Osman Duman

Osman Duman

Appointed CEO in 2017, Osman Duman leads eZuce’s long-term market strategy and day-to-day operations while guiding the company’s vision toward increasingly collaborative and insightful enterprises. After serving four years on the board of directors of eZuce, he joined the company in 2014 as COO. Previously, Osman completed a 12-year tenure as CMO of publicly listed Ulticom and Karel where he contributed to achieving their significantly higher market success. During his term Ulticom moved to the number one spot in the worldwide telecommunications signaling software market. From 1998 to 2002, Osman was an area vice president and general manager at Lucent Technologies responsible for softswitch solutions. Osman previously took on various Engineering and Marketing SVP positions at New England area software startups MassMedia Communications and NewNet where he played key roles in successful acquisitions into Lucent Technologies and ADC Telecommunications, respectively. Earlier phases of his career involved software development and management roles at Motorola Codex, GTE Communications and ITT Telecom where his journey started in Raleigh, North Carolina. He holds BSEE and MSCS degrees from M.E.T.U. in Turkey, and Executive MBA certificate from MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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