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CPaaSCPaaS and Communication Enabled Workflow Defeat Weather

Weather events inevitably interfere with our expectations for work and travel. When the Eastern seaboard of the U.S. endured the dire prognostications of snowy doom, followed by the reality of a winter storm it caused great disruptions.

That event made clear how dependent people remain in getting to the office, and that there are huge productivity losses when they can’t make it. In the face of inclement weather the stoppages in travel prevented teams from moving together as various members had to hunker down and shelter in place. And the brave (incautious?) souls that did venture out generally arrived late, and left early to make up for .

By comparison I ‘arrived’ at work at the normal time, went to my virtual meeting room and was greeted by all my team mates. The project updates were all there, opened in front of me, ready to review and add my bits. No one was late, though many worked on very different schedules. The workday went on normally, with people huddling together as needed and lively conversation and debate occurred naturally and on-demand.

The eZuce team is widely distributed, with people working in Boston MA, Pasadena CA, Toronto, Romania, Slovakia, and various waypoints.  Our workday however is uniform, united by VIBE, our Communications Wrapper that enables access and context to Cloud-based tools used for each project. When entering a Huddle space in VIBE the App Tabs are automatically populated with the needed sites, ready to commence work. When other resources are needed they’re accessible; as additional Tabs can be added, and team members have access to voice, chat, video, and screenshare and can choose the most suitable communication method.

As one of our Partners observed: “What really solidified Vibe’s usefulness as a daily visual collaboration tool was the Nor’easter that rolled through our area this week. Everyone in both departments had their computers and were working from home. We were able to communicate without any issues just as we were working in the same office!"

I have heard numerous compliments about how great it was to be able to remain “connected” to everyone else in the office.
The question that arises with these abilities is straightforward: In our age of connection, communication and collaboration, what’s the necessity of requiring people to show up in a physical space? Regardless of where you work, there are days that it is neither safe nor prudent to travel into the office. Thankfully, businesses have more options now to support work from home opportunities weather related or not.

Advanced CPaaS with communication enabled workflow enables teams to be productive and keeps remote workers connected from anywhere – no matter the weather conditions. Access to your Cloud Apps and communication tools are readily available from within one team collaboration platform.

The Communication Enabled Cloud envelopes the tools your teams use in context specific VMRs. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our team collaboration App!

Written by Joseph Rohde

Joseph Rohde

Joe is a 30+ year veteran in ITC, specializing in the introduction, acceptance and adoption of new products based on disruptive technologies. His wide ranging experience as a Vendor and a Var, in start-ups and Enterprises provides a 360 degree view in doing business. Interpolator is his name (well, twitter handle) and implementation is his game.

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