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There was a time that companies steered away from hiring remote workers, the thought was that the experience would be alienating to the worker, that  employees would be unhappy, and hence, less productive. A recent survey actually shows otherwise and says remote workers are not only happier than everyone else, but they also feel more valued and more productive.

Increased communication with managers and other team members and clearly articulated goals help remote workers stay on track, and feel less disconnected. Collaboration technologies which include voice, video, and chat communications are vital for getting information to remote workers but equally important is their role in keeping employees connected, and engaged. Chat platforms like Campfire, Yammer, or Slack encourage group conversations throughout the day, and employees can share their thoughts, ideas, and jokes similar to the way they would in an office environment. Video conferencing solutions bring communications to the next level by enabling face to face interaction. Both nonverbal and visual communication forge stronger relationships and make experiences more memorable. (More on the power of visual collaboration here.)

Modern Collaboration Platforms  integrate voice, video, and chat in one application

At eZuce, we work in our own virtual workspace every day. Our unified communications and collaboration platform keeps team members constantly connected. With our team collaboration tool we can communicate how we want and when we want, from within one application. Employees enter their virtual meeting spaces as they start their day and can adjust their settings throughout the day as they would like by choosing to:

  • Be seen – they turn their camera on or off,
  • Be heard – they turn their microphone on or off,
  • Listen in – they adjust or mute speakers,
  • Be available – they set their presence to show availability.

Frictionless Communications and Collaboration

Employees are able to stay connected and communicate with their team members, managers, customers, and partners from within one application. Virtual huddle rooms enable your entire workforce to collaborate from anywhere with voice, chat and video in one communications platform.

With a multi-stream chat capability,  chat is not only persistent but you can also chat across multiple discussions. So chatting with coworkers throughout the course of the day is easy and pervasive. Join or switch to another meeting room instantaneously and on the fly, no need to schedule a room in advance or remember some long string of numbers to get in. You simply go to the meeting list and choose to join a meeting, a directory is available to help you find the right participant or room. 

With presence capabilities, you know in real-time what work space a participant is in. You can also send a private interrupt to a participant engaged in a meeting if you have an urgent matter that needs immediate attention. Another huge benefit of a virtual collaboration platform is the desk share option, it is a even better when users care share simultaneously so multiple documents can be viewed at the same time.

The Mobile Workforce is growing - Yes, there's an app for that

IDC forecasts that the U.S. mobile worker population will increase from 96.2 million in 2015 to 105.4 million mobile workers in 2020. Within the next four years mobile workers will account for close to three-quarters of the total U.S. workforce. Mobile workers need to be able to easily participate in virtual meetings and have access to the same collaboration platform their company is using. Collaboration technology needs to be accessible from multiple platforms and devices in order to keep the mobile workforce engaged and support BYOD initiatives. Modern collaboration systems enable users to download a free Android app at Google Play or the Apple version at iTunes. For those who might not have the bandwidth or ability to meet face to face or connect to a meeting room from a network, they can dial into to a virtual room and still be an active participant in the meeting.

Seamless unified communications platforms are the wave of the future

Virtual work environments break down silos and lessen the divide between your remote and co-located workforce. The ultimate collaboration platform has all the communications tools in one place so your employees can choose their preferred mode of communication and can switch between voice, chat, and video as desired or as needed from within one view.

Modern communication technologies connect the dots between remote workers, mobile and dispersed teams. Enabling virtual team collaboration ensures your employees are getting the information they need to communicate effectively with colleagues and supervisors, but also help prevent workers from feeling alienated or disconnected. With sophisticated, yet easy to use UC solutions, companies no longer need to worry about the happiness or productivity of their workforce.

Want to give it a spin? Click here for a free trial of our team collaboration solution!

We would love to meet you in our virtual meeting space and give you a quick tour! To set up a time to meet please email my colleague and Vibe enthusiast Joe Rohde at joseph.rohde@ezuce.com .

Written by Amy Guerrera

Amy Guerrera

Amy works with eZuce's sales and marketing teams to define, create and implement our content marketing and social media programs in support of inbound and outbound demand creation. She brings a unique customer perspective to client-side marketing initiatives having provided sales intelligence to numerous market leaders in the technology industry over the past ten years. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband, and two daughters - preferably on a beach somewhere!

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