Even Finance Guys benefit from Video Collaboration

Video Collaboration FinanceAll too often Video Collaboration is hailed as a benefit for distributed development or sales teams. Recent experience shows that Video Collaboration also benefits the non-techie types like the “Finance Guys” or management teams. No matter your role, there is a time and place for video collaboration. Although the subject matter may vary, the benefits are typically very similar.

I have found that in my role as Director of Finance & Operations, that excellent communication is essential. In the past communications were restricted to emails or phone calls. Now, I can escalate to the next level and have voice, video, and chat all in one seamless application.


From my own experience here are the top 5 ways I see video collaboration helping your finance department:

  1. Trusting Relationships: There is no better way to forge lasting relationships than by positively interacting with potential and existing customers, vendor’s, employees, and partners. Someone on my team will be the final person to meet with new and recurring customers to sign and renew contracts so in a way we can make or break a deal. Meeting virtually raises the bar as all the nonverbal cues and nuances come through when meeting face to face which builds stronger bonds and fosters trust.
  2. Mobility: There are times that I or someone else on my team is traveling and we need to meet on the fly to discuss something. Whether it relates to cash flow, accounts payables/receivables, contracts or payroll something time sensitive always comes up when I’m on the road. Being able to connect with my team from anywhere on any device is a huge advantage and it allows me to collaborate in the same way I do from my office.
  3. Sharing Documents: Whether I’m sharing spreadsheets with the accounting team, SalesForce forecasts with the sales team, reports with the executive team or a DocuSign contract with a customer, the screen share feature is one of my best friends.Visual collaboration is as much about seeing a person face to face as it is about viewing documents in real time. With simultaneous screen share I can share my desk top and other participants can share their screen without having to pass control. We can collaboratively review and edit documents together which makes us more efficient and productive.
  4. Work-Life Balance: As a husband and father of three there are times that I have to (or want to) be with my kids. Whether it’s a snow day, sick day or a soccer game I promised to attend, times come up where it just makes sense to meet virtually. Any time access to video conferencing allows more flexibility. So if you can’t make it to the office for a 6am call or an 8pm appointment, you have the option to conduct business as usual from where you want to be. Reducing drive times and avoiding traffic jams when and where I can gives me more free time to spend time with my family - or if I ‘m really lucky, on the golf course!
  5. Seamless Communication: With voice, video, and chat integrated into one seamless application, all participants can choose how they want to communicate. Meeting with a participant that doesn’t have internet access? Well they can choose to call into a meeting. Another participant can’t download the client, they join via WebRTC. Maybe you have a question for a team member that you don’t want other meeting participant’s to hear – well you can even meet with them in a separate “whisper” video conference right the from meeting – resolve your issue, and rejoin the already active meeting. Persistent chat allows everyone to communicate during a meeting without interrupting speakers or the flow of the meeting.

Do you have examples of how your finance team uses video collaboration? We would love to hear from you! In the meantime, you can get a free trial of our video collaboration application here.

Written by Michael Foresteire

Michael Foresteire

Michael has extensive operating and financial experience within the technology sector. Having worked within software development and software-as-a-service business models, he has utilized technology to improve various business processes. Michael is an advocate of visual collaboration as an operational competitive advantage. He enjoys sharing his experiences regarding the impact of communications and collaboration technology in the workplace.

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