eZuce SRN Makeover Leads To A Better Video Collaboration Experience

eZuce SRN Makeover Leads To A Better Collaboration ExperienceThe current eZuce SRN video collaboration service enables the entire research community to quickly participate in a video meeting room. It allows individual researchers to have a persistent connection with their peer colleagues and members of their community. This service has been running independently from the other eZuce video collaboration services leveraging servers and networks from the Research and Education community. As we are developing our next generation collaboration service, we are now enhancing the SRN backend infrastructure with a new architecture which will provide not only higher scalability but also some additional flexibility in the way the service will be deployed to the community going forward. Also, equally important, the new backend will be able to support our soon to be released Vibe client which includes many new and advanced features and functionality. The existing SRN client will continue to function should SRN users decide not to upgrade to the next gen Vibe client when it is available.


Enhancements are coming in 3 areas:

  1. Backend Infrastructure: The current SRN infrastructure will be upgraded with the newest code and integrated with the other eZuce video services from an operational perspective. The eZuce SRN service will be viewed and managed as a specific Managed Service Provider (MSP - similar to our current business partners). The different research communities will be viewed as dedicated customers managed by the main SRN MSP. One of the significant infrastructure enhancements that will be delivered as part of this change is that the servers that form the SRN network will automatically function in a mesh connection (all servers are peers to each other). The new backend will also support additional connectivity methods such as the MST algorithm (Minimum Spanning Tree, building a real-time tree topology in function of the servers location and network performance) or via a simple static routing table. Another significant improvement will be the scalability associated with the number of simultaneous WebRTC connected clients. This is especially important when joining a meeting as a guest as it provides flexibility and prevents you from having to download the client application. Lastly, the installation and delivery mechanism to install and deploy new servers to increase the infrastructure capacity and geographical reach has been highly optimized.
  1. Web Portal for SRN Users & Administrators: The new backend infrastructure will combine our current and future collaboration service and enable us to enhance our unified web portal. Each SRN user will be able to manage their own profile and edit or create new meeting spaces (on the fly and/or for a specific date/duration and/or permanent). The community manager of the associated SRN research group or experiment will have full administrative privileges to control each user’s access and will also be able to generate specific reports on usage and trends.
  1. Client Application: Our next generation client application called “Vibe” will be fully compatible and made available to all the SRN users. Vibe will bring a new level of collaboration that is not available in the current SRN application. Vibe is built from the popular concept of Team collaboration which has emerged over the last few years with well known applications such as Slack or Microsoft Team. Vibe takes a different approach by making the persistent visual experience the core of the team interaction. The visual element is then complemented with the chat function, presence information, meetings/channels management, members management, etc… Vibe will provide the SRN users with an advanced collaborative experience. We are expecting Vibe to be available in the May / June timeframe and are currently welcoming beta testers.

At eZuce, we are working hard to enhance and evolve the current SRN video collaboration service and are excited to bring the experience to a new level of interactivity. We are also planning integration with other business applications from within the new client. These significant improvements will be released during 2017 with a beta testing phase starting in the coming months. Please reach out to us if you would like to learn more about SRN enhancements or are interested in becoming a beta tester.

Written by Philippe Galvez

Philippe Galvez

Prior to joining eZuce as Chief Technology Officer, Philippe was co-founder and CEO of Evogh. He secured funding, assembled teams, led development, and brought to market a unique video collaboration platform that currently serves several tens of thousands of active users world-wide. Philippe has also held the position of Senior Research Scientist at the California Institute of Technology for more than 15 years managing R&D activities, and was the principal investigator on several NSF and DOE projects. He initiated and managed an International research network link between Europe and the U.S. for an organization of several thousand users.

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