'Hierarchy of Needs' Transforms Enterprise Visual Collaboration


About two weeks ago I attempted to have a video call with a potential business partner who insisted on using the Google Hangouts visual collaboration tool. After a few minutes and a frustrating struggle with the frozen image and the choppy voice quality we gave up. We texted each other and ended up having a phone conversation.

Pyramid-of-needs_Transform_Collaboration.pngYes, if you are used to visual collaboration at work, and you actually spend 25-50% of your time videoconferencing, you have certain expectations regarding the quality of the conferencing tool. I guess, Maslow was right  when he stated that people are motivated to achieve certain needs. When that one need is fulfilled the person seeks to fulfill the next one, and so on. One must satisfy lower level basic needs before progressing on to meet higher level needs.

No Turning Back

Maslow’s theory on hierarchy of needs has been around for over half a century with several interpretations and modifications. His needs-based framework is broadly used and applied to employee motivation programs to result in much higher efficiency in business processes. Starting from the basic needs of Survival (food, beverage, fitness) through the need to Succeed (social events and tangible rewards), hopefully we will get to the top of the pyramid. The need to Transform the business (through Self-actualization) is where we enjoy excellent training, workshop and collaboration opportunities provided by our employer. This applies to meetings where video is a necessary tool to communicate and work closely with your colleagues regardless how remote they are geographically. If we have access to a highly scalable, flexible and sophisticated visual conferencing software we simply don’t want to slide down to a lower level of the pyramid and settle with a simpler and less or not at all satisfying visual collaboration tool. This is human nature…

In my earlier example, our needs were met by downgrading the communications medium to voice and text.  An enterprise class video collaboration system should remedy this downgrade scenario and allow for an immersive high quality video experience.  Viewme was developed to provide that experience to researchers around the globe.  The intent was to enable higher levels of productivity through visual collaboration on the research project.  You can learn more about the eZuce SRN and see how Viewme can assist in meeting your visual collaboration needs.

Transform your business and get to the top of the pyramid! Try Viewme visual collaboration solution and enjoy the difference!


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