IT Is Back On Track With Human Insight and Visual Collaboration

Human_Insight_and_Visual_Collaboration.jpg Last week’s ITEXPO in FT Lauderdale, Florida was all about technology, of course. We were literally surrounded by tech savvy companies as the IoT expo was also going on right next door. Yes, everything seemed to be revolving around machines, internet, robots, drones and artificial intelligence. And yet, there is still hope for humans.

Following several major evolutionary leaps triggered by industrial and technological revolutions over the past several hundred years, we are beginning to hear more about the importance of the human factor in the whole process again. A large majority of speakers at the expo repeatedly made us aware that without the expert opinions of people all the information generated by computers is simply a big mass of big data

The success of businesses in the era of the information explosion rests in the hands of those professionals who bring their own insight, not solely on the technology available to them. The information we gather from all the nifty tools out there is helpful and can save us a lot of time and money, but we must recognize the importance of our people - sharing of insight, exchanging of ideas and welcoming feedback is also crucial to success. We rely on the acumen, wisdom, and vision of our people to prosper, foster new discussions, generate new ideas, and improve our business processes.

With the technologies available to both small and large enterprises today, there is no excuse not to embrace and encourage the sharing of ideas and to value the element of insight. It no longer matters if you work remotely because collaboration is still achievable and connecting real time on any device is easy whether in a conference room, from your home office, or on the road. Virtual meetings can be conducted on the fly and visual collaboration elevates your conversation to the next level by enabling a more engaging, and interactive environment. Most importantly, visual collaboration empowers businesses to bring in the missing yet vital human element of insight.

Being away at an expo didn’t prevent me from attending the week’s most important meeting. Video conferencing on my cell phone with my team and our external partners in a huge noisy event hall had never been easier. The Viewme visual collaboration mobile app was really just a click away. I was able to see the other participants, contribute my ideas and we even shared stats with the screenshare feature. I had everything I needed to participate in my meeting right from my phone. Thanks to technology I was able to communicate seamlessly. What’s more, insightfully.

Written by eZuce


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