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frog chat blogPersistent Chat and Team Chat are the extent of our imagination?

Astounded. Appalled. Incredulous. And the list of adjectives (punctuated by occasional invective) goes on…

Reading the list of ‘Game Changers’ from Enterprise Connect' left me agog.  CHAT is at the top of the list? Chat, the short bursts of text suitable for brief interactions, is not as old as e-mail, but in Internet years it’s well-known and mature. And the best that developers can do is add words like “Team” or “Persistent” and it’s supposed to be something new and transformative?

Now I am not deprecating the value of chat. As part of a globally distributed company it’s something I use daily to communicate with my far-flung colleagues. But CHAT is only a single communication channel, and wholly insufficient on its own in facilitating the various modes of communication required for teamwork. Sooner or later the team needs to talk…or work together AND talk while using Cloud-based tools. Ultimately, it’s about communications in context and being able to choose whether you want to Chat, Talk, Share information on your screen, and or See the person you are communicating with by way of video. Different scenarios require variable forms of communication and employees should be able to escalate to their communication tool of choice from within one virtual workspace.

Options for different types of Cloud Tools used by teams continues to expand. Not only does one size NOT fit all, but what’s hot today can be displaced and eclipsed tomorrow. Flexibility and agility are required to satisfy the needs of any given team in an organization. Yet the need to communicate permeates every project. The missing link is having the means to do so, using the appropriate communication method (e.g. voice, chat, video) in that instant and context.

Perhaps it’s time, even past time, to retire the term Unified Communication in favor of a better paradigm:  Unified Collaboration. Defined as the umbrella under which all tools needed for a project become ‘communication enabled’ and are available, delivered and up to date for the entire Team in one consistent application environment.

The day approaches rapidly when we leapfrog into the communications enabled world. Then we can add ‘persistent’ and ‘team’ to every channel.

Read more about Enterprise Connect takeaways and what's trending in Unified Communications here.

Written by Joseph Rohde

Joseph Rohde

Joe is a 30+ year veteran in ITC, specializing in the introduction, acceptance and adoption of new products based on disruptive technologies. His wide ranging experience as a Vendor and a Var, in start-ups and Enterprises provides a 360 degree view in doing business. Interpolator is his name (well, twitter handle) and implementation is his game.

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