Mountains, Bears, and Board Meetings?

camping.NH_jpg.jpgI remember taking vacation days in the past and constantly being interrupted by “urgent” phone calls that annoyed my family and friends who were also vacationing.  At one point I was threatened with being kicked out of my foursome while playing a round of golf if I took another “work” call. Those days are over and I have balanced my work-family time to effect more piece of mind and quality time when out of the office. Recently I took time out for the family annual camping trip in the White Mountains of NH. This trip has been in the Stabile playbook for the past 15 years. As it turned out, our Board of Directors meeting had to be rescheduled.Trying to manage five extremely busy calendars was more difficult this July than in the past and everyone with the exception of myself would be available during the camping trip.

After receiving special dispensation from my boss (yes I am not afraid to say my wife calls the shots on family matters like this), I was able to virtually attend the meeting using my Viewme visual collaboration app on my LG android smart phone (FYI for you Apple people it’s also available at the iTunes App Store ). With a strict eye on containing the meeting to two hours per my commitment to family, the next hurdle was making sure I would have internet access from the White Mountains. Our glen ellis family campgrounddestination was tucked between the Ellis and Saco rivers deep down in the valley surrounded by mother nature and many mountain tops (4G was not an option). Luckily the folks at Glen Ellis Campground maintain a wifi connection which was available for my use.  The meeting looked like a go!

Notwithstanding the fact that with today’s technology we are always connected, I managed to pull off a great board meeting while maintaining peace in the Stabile family thanks to eZuce’s spectacular Viewme software. Viewme has enabled me to attend meetings face-to-face from just about anywhere I can get a network connection (wifi, plugged in or 3/4G cellular). The easy to use interface from my laptop or phone makes this experience great for everyone in attendance and visual collaboration has become my default means of communicating with my team, our partners and customers.  Check out our free 30 day trial offer at

Written by Jerry Stabile

Jerry Stabile

A thought leader and innovator, Jerry leads the team at eZuce as they change the way the enterprise interacts and collaborates. An industry veteran, he is committed to changing the status quo and has a proven track of success in the unified communications and collaboration industry. Jerry is also an outspoken advocate for open source software and works diligently to support projects such as sipXcom and many others.

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