The Multi-Tenant System Re-Envisioned

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Multi-tenant Voice Solutions for the MSP space are expensive and complex systems to operate. They often go un-patched due to difficulty in scheduling upgrades with customers. Additionally it’s difficult to offer customer customizations and more often than not you’re offering just another ‘me-too’ service as most MSP’s run on Broadsoft or Cisco platforms (and now with those two becoming one... costs aren’t going to go down either).

What if there was a means to deliver a simpler solution? A solution that doesn’t require specialized hardware. A solution that scales as your business does. A solution that most other MSP’s aren’t offering.

eZuce’s Uniteme solution for Managed Service Providers provides a set of products and tools that are designed to operate in the public cloud or from your own cloud implementation. By sharing solution components that are multi-tenant by nature while allowing for isolated customer instances the MSP can deliver a reliable and customized solution for each customer.

multi-tenant voice solution diagram

The above diagram utilizes a shared pool of PSTN facing Session Border Controllers, a shared pool of User Agent Session Border Controllers, a shared User Portal with WebRTC phone, and shared storage for voicemail, logs and backups. Customer Instances are built, configured, modified and torn-down in the provider’s chosen cloud environment with simple Ansible scripts.

These instances can be sized based on the needs of each customer. Instances as small as 1 core with 2 GB of RAM can be utilized to service customers of up to 75 users. These small instances can cost less than $0.02 per hour to operate. As customers are acquired, instances are added and the system dynamically grows as the MSP’s business grows.

By utilizing individual Customer Instances, customers can be upgraded as needed according to a schedule that works for them. Logging is simpler as systems are completely segmented and systems are also more secure as a single customer’s data is isolated.

Welcome to the modern multi-tenant system.


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Written by Mike Picher

Mike Picher

Michael is an accomplished technologist and writer, he authored the first comprehensive book about the open source project and software from SIPfoundry. With more than 20 years of communications and information technology engineering and consulting experience, Michael brings a very pragmatic perspective to the unified communications and collaboration market. He has architected hundreds of enterprise and managed service provider networks and communications solutions. Prior to joining eZuce, he co-developed what became one of Maine’s largest technology consulting and software development firms. After successfully selling the consulting business, Michael turned his attention to the growing IP telephony space. He has helped successfully deploy some of the region’s largest IP based communications systems. Michael received his B.S. degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Maine. He continues to support and advocate for open source projects on a global basis most recently sponsoring the siXcom project. In his free time, Mike enjoys time on his 150 acre farm in Maine and enjoys motocross and considers himself a craft brew afficionado.

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