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Customizing Unite Web User Portal

The new Unite Web User Portal was introduced in version 14.04. While the functionality was a bit limited at first, we’ve been continually adding to it and improving it with eachUniteme release. If you haven’t checked it out in a while, it’s probably time to take another look at the new user portal.

The Unite Web User Portal is designed to run on Desktops, Tablets and Mobile devices in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. It provides Instant Messaging, Visual Voicemail, Call History, Conference Bridge Management and access to all User Settings.


Unite Web on Mobile - System Contacts

Unite Web Mobile


Unite Web on Desktop / Tablet - Instant Messages

Unite Web Desktop Tablet


Unite Web Customization

We realize that one of the reasons that some administrators had stayed with the legacy user portal was because they wanted to limit the portal functionality their users could access. In 17.04 (and 16.12 Stage) system administrators can now enable and disable any of the features in Unite Web.

To see the customizations available look in Users, select a User or User Group and in the left side menu near the bottom you’ll find User Portal (see following screenshot).

Unite Wb User Portal

You’ll find a large number of Unite Web tweaks that allow the Administrator to control what the user (or group of users) can do in the interface.

As always we’re looking to enhance the user experience within Unite Web so if you have some needs or ideas, please feel free to discuss with your Sales Rep, Solutions Architect or our Product Management team.

Get the complete Unite Web User Portal Guide by clicking below!

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Written by Mike Picher

Mike Picher

Michael is an accomplished technologist and writer, he authored the first comprehensive book about the open source project and software from SIPfoundry. With more than 20 years of communications and information technology engineering and consulting experience, Michael brings a very pragmatic perspective to the unified communications and collaboration market. He has architected hundreds of enterprise and managed service provider networks and communications solutions. Prior to joining eZuce, he co-developed what became one of Maine’s largest technology consulting and software development firms. After successfully selling the consulting business, Michael turned his attention to the growing IP telephony space. He has helped successfully deploy some of the region’s largest IP based communications systems. Michael received his B.S. degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Maine. He continues to support and advocate for open source projects on a global basis most recently sponsoring the siXcom project. In his free time, Mike enjoys time on his 150 acre farm in Maine and enjoys motocross and considers himself a craft brew afficionado.

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