Why Security and Some Visual Collaboration Tools are like Fire and Water

Video collaboration is easily achievabvisual collaboration vs firewallle today with direct access to tools like eZuce Viewme (formerlySeeVogh) on desktop and mobile devices. Many visual collaboration tools require each participant in a conference to run concurrent media streams (at a minimum one for each video and audio channel), and each stream uses one particular port to communicate over the Internet. In this case large enterprises with a high level of visual collaboration activity could potentially need thousands of communication ports opened inside their firewall. That is simply not acceptable for most IT security groups. Some videoconferencing services providers will advise you to either open a very large range of ports within your firewall or limit the number of concurrent sessions you run within the organization. Additionally, video conference manufacturers will try to sell you an expensive piece of hardware to run as a proxy for all your visual communications.

At eZuce, we take a different approach. We address the firewall challenge directly within our core software components.

  • The eZuce video infrastructure is composed of several software agents that can run on commodity servers or VMs at your datacenter, public, or private cloud.
  • Each of these agents exchanges all real-time information using a unique port to create a fully scalable and reliable real-time video collaboration infrastructure equivalent to a secured overlay network.
  • Each participant in the meeting using the Viewme client will connect to one of these software agents transparently using one unique port. All the real-time traffic generated by the participant (or received) which will include video, audio, shared desktop or any real-time data is encapsulated into one port to be dispatched in the overlay real-time infrastructure and reach the corresponding remote participants.

So, what does this mean to the IT security administrator? You just need to open ONE port to enable your entire organization to participate in a rich visual collaboration session anytime, anywhere, from any device. You can increase the security level further by restricting the open communication channel to receive/send data from/to only well-known IP addresses from the servers you want your users to be able connect to. Overcome the firewall vs. visual collaboration dilemma with eZuce, let us help put your fire out!

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Written by Philippe Galvez

Philippe Galvez

Prior to joining eZuce as Chief Technology Officer, Philippe was co-founder and CEO of Evogh. He secured funding, assembled teams, led development, and brought to market a unique video collaboration platform that currently serves several tens of thousands of active users world-wide. Philippe has also held the position of Senior Research Scientist at the California Institute of Technology for more than 15 years managing R&D activities, and was the principal investigator on several NSF and DOE projects. He initiated and managed an International research network link between Europe and the U.S. for an organization of several thousand users.

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