Shining “Light” on Your Contact Center

Reachme Contact Center is a modern Call Center and Help Desk solution that helps customers find the right person, with the right skills, at the right time.What does the next generation contact center look like?

This is a question that is answered in many different ways by many different groups of people, however they typically incorporate these common themes:

  • Support of multiple “channels” of communication between customers and contact center representatives
  • Mobility of both the customers and representatives
  • Cloud, Private Cloud and otherwise globally shared technology
  • Data Mining
  • Integration to other systems
  • Cost control

Many of these items are fairly easily accomplished with today's technology. However, many systems were not built with these in mind. Often the contact center technology was developed prior to the availability of certain features. Older systems are dependent on “bolt on” products to incorporate new functionality. Meaning at their core, many systems are not capable of dealing with the new contact center space well.

In a well architected solution these capabilities are designed in from the get go. Rather than retrofit contact center features into a Unified Communications platform, the UC platform should be designed to support advanced call routing, and sophisticated contact center features. This allows enterprises to turn on a contact center effortlessly. This means that the UC functionality would be inherent to the system and already be well integrated from a cross media perspective.

This allows for:

  1. A single platform for all channels/media types
  2. Normalized data, measurements and reports
  3. Support of many media types

Getting the Best Result

Today’s successful contact center solution should make it easy for organizations to connect customers or business partners quickly with the right resources. A well designed contact center should be media agnostic, browser based, and offer an intuitive easy to use GUI. It should also support agents/representatives, supervisors, quality assurance personnel, administrators and contact center managers/executives.

eZuce Reachme Contact Center SolutionseZuce’s Reachme solution was designed to meet these lite contact center requirements and is fully integrated with the eZuce Uniteme PBX solution. Additionally, it can be run as an adjunct contact center application beside any SIP capable call control platform. As a “service” the Reachme contact center solution leverages underlying Uniteme functionality including support for different media types, cloud installation, mobile users, integration methods using open standards based protocols/APIs and core services such as media services, SIP stack/proxy, IVR, etc.

Additionally, Reachme ensures that an organization can control costs by sharing the human resources globally (agents/representatives) and providing the ability to leverage their current investments (e.g. virtual sever environment, billing systems, HR systems, CRM, etc) through open integration.

The result is a single routing engine that can utilize the entire global community of representatives for any media type while ensuring that reporting data is normalized for later data mining purposes.


Learn more about the Reachme Contact Center in our recorded webinar!

Or read more about the Reachme affordable contact center solution here.

Written by Jerry Browne

Jerry Browne

Current solutions architect and Reachme product manager with eZuce. 25 years in the telephony and contact center space with significant design, technology planning, integration and market research background.

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