3 Reasons Video as a Service (VaaS) is the Perfect Fit for Carriers

Video as a serviceThe VaaS opportunity is here and the evidence to investigate the market is compelling.

What are you waiting for? Offer your customers enterprise class video collaboration functionality in an exploding market, and increase revenue! Why wouldn't you jump on this band waggon?

3 benefits of cloud based video conferencing

1. Increase Revenue/Maximize Profit - Video as a Service enables service providers compelling opportunities for incremental revenue into both installed and new prospect accounts. Growing “as a service” creates consistent demand and an increase in Revenue per User (RPU). Only pay for what you use and maximize your profit. VaaS lets your team focus on marketing for your customers, not managing the back end production environment. Our open cloud designed service is optimized to reduce production costs which translates into lower cost and higher margins for your business.

2. Capitalize on a Huge Market Opportunity - From 2013 to 2018, the fastest-growing business service is expected to be desktop or personal videoconferencing. Personal videoconferencing growth, specifically UC based, full multi-collaboration videoconferencing, has seen dramatic acceleration due to the higher quality and lower price of new services and products. The explosion of tablet and mobile clients will further amplify video collaboration growth. According to a recent Cisco report, globally - IP video traffic will account for 79% percent of all IP traffic (both business and consumer) by 2018, up from 66 percent in 2013. This percentage does not include the amount of video exchanged through peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing. The report also shows how videoconferencing is on the rise, while web conferencing without video is declining.VaaS video as a service

3. Offer Customers Enterprise Class Functionality - Video adoption is changing and it is being driven by consumer services such as Apple FaceTime™, Google Hangouts™, and Microsoft Skype™. Peer to Peer mobile device video has become pervasive for consumers. Whether on Wi- Fi over your company’s broadband network, or over the cellular company’s macro data network, consumers enjoy clear access to this very personal service. In many cases the costs for this “value added” service is hidden in the cost of hardware or supporting service fees like email, advertising and subscription services. Consumers enjoy a vailed relationship with their technology provider who is getting millions of consumers hooked. VaaS can leverage this use case and bring the growing acceptance of Video into the enterprise, as a pay for service; offering enterprise class functionality while maintaining legacy connectivity. Visual collaboration is helping your team be there when they need to.

At eZuce we believe that trialing “is believing”. Within minutes eZuce can have you in a Viewme™ (formerly SeeVogh) meeting room collaborating with your colleagues and customers. Viewme™ client(s) are free, easy to install and use. Mobile apps can be downloaded at Google Play and Apple iTunes stores. Our award winning user and administrator interfaces are very intuitive so there is no need for extensive training. If needed, we offer a host of online training tools to show you or your customers the benefits. We offer on site, speaker led training, although we prefer to use Viewme™ as a training tool whenever possible. We can private label your meeting room(s), and provide statistics on your Viewme™ use as required.

Let eZuce show you a leanly architected, standards based, video collaboration solution which can be at the heart of your go to market plans. We would love to discuss the solution in more detail with you. Please contact us for a free trial or click here to learn more about Viewme.

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