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I sat down at my desk this morning and cranked up my daily routine. Laptop out, connected, on. Outlook, Salesforce, Chrome, Unite, Viewme, etc…. all up. First thing check the calendar, next jump start email, start IM with team, grab a cup of Tully’s. My eZuce softphone is on, the Polycom VVX sits idling behind me on the credenza, my Viewme visual meeting room awaits its first call to action, and Joe is knocking on my office door. This is My Enterprise! I am the master of my communication infrastructure.

Email captures most of my attention because it is 100% on my terms. It sits there like our family Beagledor (Beagle and Labrador mix we think) waiting patiently for my attention. I communicate at will with great control and satisfaction all day.

Instant messaging is my number one ADHD, multi-tasking weapon. Need a quick update, want to determine someone’s availability, need your Facebook login, lost the meeting id and IM is the SWT all while you’re on that 9 am conference call. IM gets the job done. It’s also a great side bar conversation enabler. I have IM’d many of my colleagues in the middle of a web presentation to remind them not to forget to ask for the order.

Then there is the good old telephone or desk set as we in the business refer to it. Nowadays this gets used in two basic scenarios:

  • The Bat Phone - Impulse reaction to some real-time event that warrants immediate verbal interaction with another party. Think reading an email from a sales manager who informs the entire team that he just lost the largest deal the company has ever been involved in because he pocket dialed the prospect who overheard that we were going to be late with our deliverables.
  • Technology Challenged - Device used when communicating with those of us who have not heard about this thing called the internet, or WhatsApp, or YouTube, etc…There are still a lot of us who just have not made the transition yet to smartphones and iPads and Hulu.

Finally there is video. Video and web conferencing particularly from mobile devices has exploded, and there is no indication of it slowing down. According to a recent Research and Market Report, “The global mobile Unified Communications and Collaboration market is expected to grow from $5.15 billion in 2014 to $17.38 billion by 2019, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 27.5% during the forecast period 2014 -2019.” The adoption of visual collaboration solutions and cloud based offerings is rapidly overtaking legacy telepresence room systems and is becoming the preferred collaboration choice in the enterprise.

Video Collaboration promotes visual interaction which enables people to process information faster, makes more of a lasting impression, and impacts productivity in a way that is far superior to text based communication.unified collaboration
Visual interaction provides greater depth of comprehension than voice alone and establishes a medium for sharing additional visual information such as documents and drawings simultaneously. I have experienced firsthand the productivity gain when using our Viewme visual collaboration software. Very seldom do I meet with team members, customers and partners to review information such as proposals, contracts, or presentations without using Viewme . The immersive experience provides a much more engaging and personal experience than an audio conference call. Best of all is the dirt cheap cost of these new software based offerings. Whether consuming from the cloud or from your data center, advances in the technology make video collaboration easy and highly cost effective.

Jack Uldrich, author of “Revolutionizing the Future Workplace”, states “Video collaboration … is quickly becoming one of the most used collaboration tools and is expected to overtake email as the preferred tool by 2016.” I am not ready to give up my email but I have improved my game at the office by embracing this new collaboration paradigm. What was a once or twice a week event has turned into a 4-5 times a day neccesity. Sure I still interact with my enterprise using voice, IM and, email but the most productive collaboration takes place face-to-face these days, and Viewme allows me to be there any time, any where, and from any device.

Learn more about the Unified Communications products that enable your enterprise to be there.

Written by Jerry Stabile

Jerry Stabile

A thought leader and innovator, Jerry leads the team at eZuce as they change the way the enterprise interacts and collaborates. An industry veteran, he is committed to changing the status quo and has a proven track of success in the unified communications and collaboration industry. Jerry is also an outspoken advocate for open source software and works diligently to support projects such as sipXcom and many others.

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