How does Unified Communications and Collaboration Impact Digital Transformation?

digital transformationDigital transformation is all about the impact new technology is having on business and the changes business must make to move into the digital dimension. Businesses need to reevaluate and change core business processes as they adopt and implement new technology. What if you had one application that brings all the communication and collaboration technology you need into one virtual workplace? How would this one unified communications and collaboration app help with your digital transformation strategy?

Full featured unified communications and collaboration solutions offer integrated voice, video, and chat to an increasing number of mobile and remote workers, office workers and geographically distributed teams. These UC and collaboration tools afford employees with more freedom and mobility, ensure managers that their workforce is connected and engaged, and provide customers with quick and immediate responses.

Modern workplaces are no longer defined by where they are but more about what they offer. Innovative technology and cloud-based applications enable businesses to extend the reach of their enterprises. Unified communications and team collaboration solutions enable anytime, anywhere access to a full suite of communication tools. Couple that with the plethora of cloud-based business applications now available and workers have both the communication and digital collaboration tools they need to be more engaged and productive.

Legacy UC solutions were more about connecting individuals but modern communication systems are more focused on team communications. Real-time collaboration from any device with access to core business applications puts all communications and business needs in one seamless application. Virtual workspaces promote collaboration and enable teams to make faster decisions as they approach conflicts and solve problems together.

Employees have the flexibility to connect from their device of choice given their specific situation.  Escalation between different modes of communication allow workers to start a chat, jump on a call, or enter a video meeting depending on what level of communication is necessary at the time. Managers can customize their virtual team’s workspace to ensure that specific core applications they are already using are now accessible to all team members right from their meeting room.  Each line of business may have unique requirements so supervisors can customize the suite of applications that makes sense for their specific business needs.

Enterprises can integrate unified communication and video collaboration with core business apps and workflows. Employees connect face to face with colleagues and customers and share information in real time. A true collaborative work space designed specifically for your team ensures employees have both the communication and business tools they need anywhere, anytime, from any device. By putting voice, video, chat and business critical applications in one collaborative work space employees can save time, become more efficient and productive. How do your collaboration tools fit in with your digital transformation strategy and goals? If you want to learn more about our virtual team workspaces, please get in touch!

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Written by Amy Guerrera

Amy Guerrera

Amy works with eZuce's sales and marketing teams to define, create and implement our content marketing and social media programs in support of inbound and outbound demand creation. She brings a unique customer perspective to client-side marketing initiatives having provided sales intelligence to numerous market leaders in the technology industry over the past ten years. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband, and two daughters - preferably on a beach somewhere!

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