eZuce Raises the Bar with its Latest Release of User-focused Unified Communications solution

Andover MA, April 30, 2014 – eZuce Incorporated, the leading global provider of cloud based communications and collaboration solutions for large enterprises, today announces the availability of the latest user-focused unified communications solution, openUC™ 14.04.

As part of its continuous effort to improve the operational and client efficiency of open UC, the user-focused unified communications solution, this latest release brings a web-centric experience that:

  • Dramatically impacts TCO with a new HTML5 based zero install client
  • Works everywhere regardless of network or device
  • Provides a consistent experience across all user devices
  • Empowers the user to consume and control communications in a flexible and familiar manner
  • Allows administrators to build a customized communications cloud that is easy to install, administer and maintain
  • Communications-enables business critical applications with voice, video, IM and collaboration
  • Simplifies business application integration with expanded REST API capabilities

To learn more about this release: Email info@ezuce.com or contact your local eZuce representative for more details.

And don't miss our upcoming webinar with CEO Jerry Stabile and VP of Product Management Michael Picher on May 29 at 2pm ET where they will:

  • Review best practices for deploying, implementing and managing UC
  • Outline the system, management and user benefits of the latest openUC release
  • Provide exclusive offers for attendees to take advantage of the latest functionality



14.04 Release Highlights

  • Unite Web. A browser based, Web version of Unite (desktop client) that is HTML5 based and can operate on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS Devices and Android Devices. Unite Web provides a zero install web based client that offers:
    • Instant messaging/chat – one-to-one or one-to-many
    • User settings and control
    • Conference call management
    • Click to dial
    • Presence

Unite Web is HTML5 based, and can operate on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS Devices and Android Devices.

  • eZuce openUC User Portal Rewrite. This redesign of the User Portal incorporates a similar interface to Unite for Web while providing easy to understand and execute user level changes like the ability to manage their communications settings, listen to voicemail, see call logs, change their call forwarding, etc. This user portal design also supports mobile device access and provides an interface for updates in the future.
  • Unite for Zimbra. The new Unite within the Zimbra web portal now includes the ability to presence-enable the Zimbra web interface.
  • openUC Reach (Contact Center) Alternative Configuration Option. This feature allows administrators to move Reach off the main openUC configuration server and on to a different server altogether. The Reach Contact Center Reporting Services/Server can also be separate from the Reach Server.
  • openUC Admin GUI Refresh. Includes a new look and feel that hints at the new openUC admin interface to be added in future releases.
  • openUC Unified Messaging/Auto Attendant Improvements. A number of improvements to our AA have been delivered including:
    • Live Attendant – A user or hunt group can be specified in AA configuration to ring during certain hours of the day.
    • Restricted Dialing – Allow only certain extensions to be dialed from an AA.
    • Make Please Hold Prompt Optional – After a menu selection is made there is an audio prompt that says 'Please hold while I transfer your call'. This prompt is now optional.
    • Auto Attendant Night Mode – The ability to manually put an AA in or out of night mode.
    • Specify a Locale per AA – Ability to specify a locale (language) on an AA by AA basis.
    • Holiday Attendant Improvements – Ability to define holiday attendant day AND hours of operation.
  • openUC Enhancements to e911 APIs. Working with Conveyant Systems openUC has enhanced its support through the openUC API for new SNMP Traps for 911 events as well as the ability to automatically locate phones on the network and update their locations for e911 dialing.
  • Enhancement to Administration Logging Levels. This feature allows administrators to change logging levels on the fly. In previous versions of openUC customers have been forced to change logging levels after hours because it required services to restart to pick up the changes.
  • openUC Enterprise Instant Messaging Multi-user Chat Room Management. While openUC's Instant Messaging services have had the ability to have multi-user chat (MUC) rooms, they needed to be managed in the same way as other users. With the new multi-user chat room management it is now easier to configure these MUC's. Additionally, MUCs can now be limited to a group of users and message logging can be enabled or disabled on a MUC by MUC basis.
  • Login by email address. System administrators can now allow users to login with their email address (or email alias) and their system password/LDAP password/RADIUS password.

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