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With the numerous web and video conferencing services on the market today, someone is finally offering enterprises the ability to only pay for what they use. Most offerings play the overprovisioning "gap" game profiting from the unused capacity their customers are charged month in and month out. They sell meeting rooms or monthly per user subscriptions. eZuce has introduced a new cloud based web and video conferencing service called Viewme Cloud that makes visual collaboration available to anyone in your organization that would benefit from the service. There are no limits on the number of meeting spaces (VRMs) or participants. No need to schedule a meeting room or limit who can attend. By making the service available to everyone in the organization eZuce unlocks the adoption barrier that prevents most organizations from fully taking advantage of visual collaboration. Viewme Cloud's unique pricing model allows CIOs' and Line-of-Business managers the ability to set a budget for the service based on utilization rather than the number and size of meetings rooms. eZuce will either assess your existing spend on web and video conferencing and create a plan based on current utilization trends or calculate projected utilization based on your needs and build a rate plan. The typical comparative Viewme Cloud plan is priced at 50% less than most standard competitive plans while providing service to the entire organization. It comes with 100 FREE participant hours and allows for 10% over usage per month at no incremental charge. To find out more about Viewme Cloud please contact us at or start a free trial.

Written by Jerry Stabile

Jerry Stabile

A thought leader and innovator, Jerry leads the team at eZuce as they change the way the enterprise interacts and collaborates. An industry veteran, he is committed to changing the status quo and has a proven track of success in the unified communications and collaboration industry. Jerry is also an outspoken advocate for open source software and works diligently to support projects such as sipXcom and many others.

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      eZuce is an innovative technology company that provides small and medium enterprises with visually integrated unified collaboration environment to improve their business processes. Intuitive adoption of technology by humans is in the forefront of all our developments. The eZuce user centric solution enables our enterprise partners to respond swiftly and accurately to their customers’ needs.
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      At eZuce, we are passionate about changing the way people collaborate within the enterprise. We believe that the consumerization of information technology has changed the status quo within the enterprise. Intuitive adoption of technology by individuals empowers a more productive workplace, my workplace, My Enterprise! Our goal is to leverage newly attained consumer skills into a “My Enterprise” attitude at work by enabling individuals and teams to collaborate on their terms.
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      By emphasizing visual interaction, the human factor and user centricity, eZuce software and service solutions enable individuals and teams to collaborate on their terms, to be there for the business at the right time at the right place with the right device. Be there with your own insight!

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