Virtualizing the Investor Conference

With the right tools in place, executives don't need to travel to meetings, and frankly, they don’t want to. With the proliferation of cloud based video conferencing, businesses are saving time and money and are more productive without the hassles and cost incurred from travel. Organizations are no longer confined to premise-based communication solutions, and people are no longer required to aggregate in a conference room just to participate in a meeting. With the right technology, individuals can meet virtually from any location, at any time, on any device. Video conferencing technology is easily accessible and now enables everyone to collaborate face-to-face from wherever they choose to work.

When Arun Netravali, managing partner at OmniCapital Group, began planning his annual investor conference he wanted to try something new. The investors were dispersed throughout the country, and would need to travel to attend the conference. He decided to mix things up this year and asked if participants would like to attend virtually instead of physically meeting in a room somewhere. To ensure a successful outcome he needed to find an easy to use, cost-effective video collaboration solution with voice, video, and content sharing capabilities. Another requirement was easy access – participants needed to get into the conference from wherever they were working, whether in the office, from home, or on the road.

The conference had two parts, the first half was reserved for the annual investor conference, while the second half was slotted for the Omni Capital portfolio companies CEOs to present their annual progress to the board of investors. Each presenting CEO prepared a PowerPoint presentation that needed to be shared virtually – the solution they chose had to allow concurrent screen shares so each presenter could share their presentation without a moderator needing to give permissions to enable desk sharing. Some attendees were traveling and chose to call into the meeting, while others joined through the WebRTC version.

The annual conference was a success, and when polled about their virtual video collaboration experience, 100% of the attendees chose to do the next conference virtually as well. “All of us are really busy, and we need to maximize our time. Using the Viewme video collaboration solution for our investor meeting saved us all a great amount of time and money. We will definitely use Viewme again next year!”  said Arun Netravali. Other participants said they were impressed with the ease of the video conferencing solution and liked the versatility of being able to connect in several different ways depending on their circumstances. Additionally, they had access to chat capabilities, and could even choose to have a private sidebar or “whisper” conversation with other participants. They also had the option to record the session to archive and share with others that couldn’t make it at the time of the event.

Some video collaboration solutions are better than others as they allow several options to connect. It is helpful if you have multiple ways to join the virtual conference so you can compensate for all of your attendee's needs. A few questions to consider when looking for the right video collaboration platform:

  • If not able to download a client, is there an option to join a meeting via a browser-based option such as WebRTC?
  • For those on the go, are there mobile apps that enable them to connect from their Android, or Apple phone or tablet?
  • Are attendees able to call (audio only) into a meeting through their mobile phone, conference bridge or softphone?
  • Can I access the session from an existing telepresence room?
  • Is the meeting easy to record to share with other individuals at a later date?

There is no need to travel to a conference anymore; you can participate from anywhere with the right video collaboration solution.

Download the Viewme video collaboration brochure to learn more. Or get a free 30-day trial here.

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